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Passionate Web/App Developer @Amazon, #javascript #reactjs #react-native #ruby #rails #elixir

If you are starting a new app or already have an app but are not sure how to add API layer to your application then this is the right place. I would like to share my experience on how we currently maintain an API layer. …

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We all know how fast the package installation is and the speed at which specs get completed, when the project footprint is small. With time as the codebase grows it starts affecting the following aspects of our project:

  • package installation time
  • linting (11 minutes)
  • code coverage (13 minutes)
  • build…

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In the previous blog we talked about: Caching in CI

In almost all the projects we have assets which need to be pushed to the cloud which then can be served by a CDN. …

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Over past years I have worked in Ruby on Rails (RoR) projects and Node based projects. There were a few things which I really liked about RoR.

One feature which I really liked was an auto check done by RoR while starting rails server. For example, if a developer had…

Normally any package can be installed using the following command:

yarn install @<scope>/<package>@1.2.3


npm add @<scope>/<package>@1.2.3

But in case of private Github NPM packages, the setup is slightly different. If one would try installing a private Github NPM package, it would result in 401.

Also if you were getting…

I will be updating this guide frequently as I am currently migrating a project from ex-navigation to react-navigation. You can always refer to this gist to track the changes of this blog. …

React 16 was out sometime back with cool new features like fragments, portals, custom DOM attributes and more. Portals no longer have to be called with this unstable_renderSubtreeIntoContainer, instead its just createPortal now.

This blog will cover on how one can harness the power of portals in older versions of…

I have been an active user on StackOverflow and have noticed that many of the developers face difficulties in implementing Rails AJAX. So I thought of creating a demo app and explaining how it works.

At any point in time if you want to refer to the code, here is…

I am sure you would have come across the term twitter-bots, it's used by almost everyone to automate tasks like, liking a tweet if your follower tweets by mentioning you in the tweet, retweeting someone’s tweet, following someone who uses a particular term etc.

It’s another important use case is…

Sahil Prajapati

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